Career Voyage really opened my eyes to the power social media and LinkedIn in particular. After some excellent guidance on profile structure & content, I put my newly crafted LinkedIn profile up on Sunday evening and was headhunted by the Group HR Director of a large multinational company at 10.00 a.m. the next morning. Now that is a result!

Having had no approaches prior to updating my profile I have subsequently had 3 others, giving me a much better appreciation of the career opportunities that exist outside of my current organisation.

Senior Manager

Multinational Conglomerate, Turnover >$100bn

Career Voyage helped me to understand and be proud of my worth and capabilities and we put together a clearly defined route map which displayed who I am and my current position. We also defined what I want to do and the options that I have going forwards. Career Voyage gave me the belief and confidence that I can be proactive and take control of my career choices, using the right approach.

Their advice was totally centred around my needs and my aspirations and they bought me up-to-date with what is going on in the world of work and the new world of resourcing.

Senior Manager

Global Multinational Enterprise

Sarah has always been a sounding board throughout my career and never more than when she started “Career Voyage” and her 360 degree exercise with me. As a direct result of that exercise I recognised the need to channel my energies into what I enjoyed most rather than in following the career path I had fallen into. It seems so obvious to me now that I am enjoying success with my social impact initiative, but it was Sarah who made me recognize that anything is possible if you have passion and commitment in something.

Thank you …..finally at 47 doing what I absolutely love and was born to do. Feels amazing.

Career Breaker

Back into the world of commercial work

You take us on a journey of exploring and discovering rather than just writing a CV and applying for jobs. You help to find the best options for the candidate.

I came to Career Voyage because I had a Senior Role interview in the diary with an external organisation, and I hadn’t had any practice of an external interview ever since I joined my current company 17 years ago.

I wanted to make sure that my performance in that interview was the best that it could be in order that I could land the role or come out of the interview knowing that I had given the best possible account of myself.

At the interview I excelled, I was on top of my game and I wowed the interview panel. The feedback was extremely positive and I know that I performed 60% better than I otherwise would have done without the training.

Senior Manager

Global Entreprise, Turnover > $100bn

The outputs from Explore were clear and tangible.  The route map document is good to have as a reminder.

I had the privilege of working for Sarah at the very start of my career. Sarah inspired me to follow a marketing career path and gave me some sound advice which has helped me to get where I am today.

Sarah was always incredibly professional and driven. She was highly organised and structured in her approach. She had a great deal of knowledge and expertise in both marketing and recruitment. She had a strong network and was highly regarded amongst our clients and candidates.

She gave me some great advice and tips on how to develop my career plan which enabled me to set realistic goals and clear principles which have guided me over the last 15 years. Sarah has been a role model to me and I don’t think I would be where I am today without her help and encouragement.

Senior Manager

Financial Services

The process made me realise I am a brand, and taught me to be proud of my achievements.  It showed me that I need to promote myself, and attend conferences and events to get up to speed with market developments in the field I am interested in.

I asked Career Voyage for help to update my LinkedIn profile when I was looking for a new job. Sarah gave me a whole new perspective on how to present myself. It is not all about me – it is all about the value I offer. Incredibly, I’ve had more profile views than in the last 2 weeks than ever, and secured a new role shortly afterwards. That fresh perspective gave me the confidence to take control of my career and create my own opportunities. And it really works!

Clientside Interim Manager and Entrepreneur

(Assignment Rate £600 / day)

Prepare and Provision helped with understanding the need to be attractive in the current job market, e.g. have a strong LinkedIn profile, as I did not realise the importance of this social network when I first started the process.

Career Voyage gave me the belief and confidence that I can be proactive and take control of my career choices, using the right approach.

You have done an amazing work to help me understand my worth. You have spent time and given me constructive support and feedback along the way. Always there when I needed to catch up with you. You have taken me through a journey.

You really helped me with the discovery of myself.

You helped me gain back confidence with future career potential and options. You made me believe that the world is bigger that the small world I currently know and have been immersed in for the last 20 years.